Source code for IGitt.GitHub.GitHubOrganization

Here you go: GitHub organizations can be used in IGitt.
from functools import lru_cache
from typing import Set
from typing import Optional
from urllib.parse import quote_plus

from IGitt.GitHub import GitHubToken
from IGitt.GitHub import GH_INSTANCE_URL
from IGitt.GitHub import GitHubMixin
from IGitt.GitHub.GitHubIssue import GitHubIssue
from IGitt.GitHub.GitHubUser import GitHubUser
from IGitt.Interfaces import get
from IGitt.Interfaces.Organization import Organization
from IGitt.Interfaces.Repository import Repository

    'opened': 'open',
    'closed': 'closed',
    'all': 'all'

[docs]class GitHubOrganization(GitHubMixin, Organization): """ Represents an organization on GitHub. """ @property def web_url(self): return '{}/{}'.format(GH_INSTANCE_URL, def __init__(self, token, name): """ :param name: Name of the org. """ self._token = token self._name = name self._url = '/orgs/{name}'.format(name=quote_plus(name)) @property def identifier(self) -> int: """ Returns the identifier of the organization. """ return['id'] @property def description(self) -> str: """ Returns the description of this organization. """ return['description'] @property def billable_users(self) -> int: """ Number of paying/registered users on the organization. """ try: return len(get(self._token, self.url + '/members')) except RuntimeError: return 1 @property def owners(self) -> Set[GitHubUser]: """ Returns the user handles of all admin users. """ try: return { GitHubUser.from_data(user, self._token, user['login']) for user in get( self._token, self.url + '/members', params={'role': 'admin'} ) } except RuntimeError: return {GitHubUser(self._token,} @property def masters(self) -> Set[GitHubUser]: """ Gets all owners (because there's no masters role on GitHub). """ return self.owners @property def name(self) -> str: """ The name of the organization. """ return self._name @property def suborgs(self) -> Set[Organization]: """ Returns the sub-organizations within this repository. """ return set() @property @lru_cache(None) def repositories(self) -> Set[Repository]: """ Returns the list of repositories contained in this organization. """ from IGitt.GitHub.GitHubRepository import GitHubRepository return {GitHubRepository.from_data(repo, self._token, repo['id']) for repo in get(self._token, self.url + '/repos')}
[docs] def filter_issues(self, state: Optional[str]=None, label: Optional[str]=None, assignee: Optional[str]=None) -> Set[GitHubIssue]: """ Filters the issues in the organization based on properties :param state: 'opened' or 'closed' or 'all'. :param label: Label of the issue :param assignee: username of issue assignee :return: Set of GitHubIssue objects """ from IGitt.GitHub.GitHub import GitHub query = 'user:' + if state: query += ' state:' + GH_ISSUE_STATE_TRANSLATION[state] if label: query += ' label:' + label if assignee: query += ' assignee:' + assignee return set(GitHub.raw_search(self._token, query))
@property def issues(self) -> Set[GitHubIssue]: """ Returns the set of Issues in this organization. """ return self.filter_issues(state='opened')
[docs] @staticmethod def create(token: GitHubToken, name: str, path: str, parent_id: Optional[int]=None, description: Optional[str]=None, visibility: str='private', lfs_enabled: bool=False, request_access_enabled: bool=False) -> Organization: """ GitHub does not allow creating new organizations via the API. """ raise NotImplementedError('GitHub does not allow creating ' 'new organizations via the API as of now.')