Source code for IGitt.GitHub.GitHubReaction

Contains an object representation of a reaction on GitHub.
from functools import lru_cache
from typing import Union

from IGitt.GitHub import GitHubMixin
from IGitt.GitHub import GitHubToken
from IGitt.GitHub.GitHubUser import GitHubUser
from IGitt.Interfaces import get
from IGitt.Interfaces.Comment import Comment
from IGitt.Interfaces.Issue import Issue
from IGitt.Interfaces.MergeRequest import MergeRequest
from IGitt.Interfaces.Reaction import Reaction

PREVIEW_HEADER = {'Accept': 'application/vnd.github.squirrel-girl-preview'}

[docs]class GitHubReaction(GitHubMixin, Reaction): """ A GitHub reaction, e.g. heart. """ @lru_cache(None) def _get_data(self): # Note: A GitHub reaction cannot be retrieved using a GET request, it # has to retrieved as a list and filtered for the match. if not getattr(self, '_list', None): setattr(self, '_list', get(self._token, self.url, headers=PREVIEW_HEADER)) try: return list(filter(lambda x: x['id'] == self._identifier, getattr(self, '_list')))[0] except IndexError: raise RuntimeError({ 'message': 'Not Found', 'documentation_url': ''}, 404) def __init__(self, token: GitHubToken, related: Union[Issue, MergeRequest, Comment], identifier: int): """ Creates a GitHubReaction instance. :param token: The authentication token. :param related: The object this reaction was added on, i.e. an Issue, MergeRequest, Comment, etc. :param identifier: The unique identifier of the reaction. """ self._token = token self._related = related self._url = '{}/reactions'.format(getattr(related, '_url')) self._identifier = identifier @property def name(self) -> str: """ Retrieves the name of the reaction. """ return['content'] @property def user(self) -> GitHubUser: """ Retrieves the user who reacted with this reaction. """ user =['user'] return GitHubUser.from_data(user, self._token, user['login']) def __hash__(self): """ Unique hash for this thing. """ return hash(self.url + str(self._identifier))