Source code for IGitt.GitLab.GitLabUser

Contains a representation of GitHub users.
from typing import Optional
from typing import Union

from IGitt import ElementDoesntExistError
from IGitt.GitLab import GitLabMixin
from IGitt.GitLab import GitLabOAuthToken
from IGitt.GitLab import GitLabPrivateToken
from IGitt.Interfaces.User import User
from IGitt.Interfaces import get

[docs]class GitLabUser(GitLabMixin, User): """ A GitLab user, e.g. sils :) """ def __init__(self, token: Union[GitLabPrivateToken, GitLabOAuthToken], identifier: Optional[Union[str, int]]=None): """ Creates a new user. :param token: The oauth token object :param identifier: Pass None if it's you! Otherwise the id, integer. """ self._token = token self._url = '/user' self._id = identifier if identifier: if isinstance(identifier, str): params = {'username': identifier} resp = get(self._token, self.absolute_url('/users'), params) if resp: self._id = resp[0]['id'] self._url = '/users/' + str(resp[0]['id']) else: raise ElementDoesntExistError('This username does not ' 'exist.') else: self._url = '/users/' + str(identifier) @property def username(self) -> str: """ Retrieves the login for the user. """ return['username'] @property def identifier(self) -> int: """ Gets a unique id for the user that never changes. """ return self._id or['id']
[docs] def installed_repositories(self, installation_id: int): """ List repositories that are accessible to the authenticated user for an installation. GitLab doesn't support building installations yet. """ raise NotImplementedError
[docs] def get_installations(self, jwt): """ Gets the installations this user has access to. GitLab doesn't support building installations yet. """ raise NotImplementedError