IGitt package



IGitt.factory module

Factory function for returning new repository objects

IGitt.factory.get_repo(URL: str, wallet: List[Union[IGitt.GitHub.GitHubToken, IGitt.GitHub.GitHubInstallationToken, IGitt.GitLab.GitLabOAuthToken, IGitt.GitLab.GitLabPrivateToken]]) → Union[IGitt.GitHub.GitHubRepository.GitHubRepository, IGitt.GitLab.GitLabRepository.GitLabRepository][source]
  • URL – URL of the repository.
  • wallet – Wallet; contains tokens. A list containing the tokens.

Module contents

This package contains abstractions to use git, as well as services providing hosting for it (GitHub, GitLab and others).

exception IGitt.ElementAlreadyExistsError[source]

Bases: Exception

Indicates that the element (that is probably to be created) already exists.

exception IGitt.ElementDoesntExistError[source]

Bases: Exception

Indicates that the desired element doesn’t exist.